Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Dinner Series Week Nine

Last night I came out into the living room to find out what was causing the banging sound I kept hearing. Uncle Bud, thinking I was clearly insane, made me high five him to prove that I was not sleepwalking.

The irony is that Uncle Bud's own sleep walking, sleep talking and worst, sleep texting, is a constant hurdle in our life as roommates.

Such was the case with Family Dinner Series Week Nine.

The Sunday before the dinner, Bud texted me to verify that we were on as usual. He then asked if I wanted to invite anyone, or if he should invite his coworker who had previously joined us for Week Two. I told him I would like to invite Adam and Frazz, so we could also include our mutual friend Gold who would be flying to his winter gig in Utah the following morning. Bud texted back that my plan sounded good. He would invite his coworker and his coworker's new girlfriend to the following week's dinner, Family Dinner Series Week Ten.

But throughout this whole conversation... Uncle Bud was asleep.

Which is how, Boys and Girls, Family Dinner Series Week Nine turned out to be the most EPIC FAMILY DINNER EVER serving me, Bud, Gilbert Hoss, Bud's Coworker, Bud's coworker's girlfriend, Adam, Frazz and Gold.

Nothing warms a winter night like a full house!

Well... a full house, and some party toasts.

I could only be grateful that I had already made a massive chicken cider stew the night prior. Supplemented with bread, salad, and the most amazingly garlicky spinach artichoke dip ever, the meal was more than hearty enough to satisfy the entire table's appetites.

Conclusion? Any family dinner that starts with champagne and ends with a jigsaw puzzle is a success.

Conclusion #2? Somebody take Bud's phone away while he's sleeping.

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