Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Family Dinner Series Week Thirteen

Family Dinner Series Week Thirteen happened so many weeks ago that I'm honestly having a hard time remembering it. The thing is, mine and Uncle Bud's sister had another baby girl. And as awesome and amazing as this newest little addition is, her birth and the resulting scheduling conflicts pretty much put family dinners at a stand still.

Until this past Tuesday. But... that's a whole other story.

Back when our weekly dinners were still regularly scheduled programming, our friend Fitzy presented us with a ham. A ham from a pig he raised himself. A pig that was raised on slop from buckets left in the kitchen of the restaurant where Uncle Bud, Gilbert Hoss, and Fitzy all work together. Slop likely produced from meals all four of us have enjoyed while sitting at the wooden bar of said restaurant.

When I prepared Fitzy's ham, with a little OJ and a little brown sugar, and we all sat down to eat it together, we finally realized the full circle that brought that ham to our table. And we all took a minute to glow in the wonder of our sustainable meal.

Just that one minute though. Think on that food cycle too hard and you can easily get grossed out by the many meals we somehow re-consumed.

I also served scalloped potatoes which were neither local, nor sustainable, but delicious just the same in all of their chain super market glory.

And of course we had salad. Also not local. But you know, it's Maine. In the winter. Locally grown salad supplies are hard to come by.

The gathering was pretty small and the meal was full of comfort food. The perfect note on which to start our month-plus break from family dinner time.

Which may be why we went oh-so-hard when we finally came back to play...

Conclusion? Thank you, residents of the Kennebunks, for all y'alls slop.

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