Monday, December 28, 2009

Clutches and Knots

I went out for a quick drive today. I swung by the bank, then the post office, and then before heading home, decided to stop in to see Mom and Dad. I wanted to check in on all the work they are having done on their house... and I also wanted Dad to put some Eastland knots in my new slippers.

As I turned onto the beach road, I stepped on my "trusty" golf's clutch to switch to third gear. And... bam! The clutch went in alright. All the way to the floor. Where it stubbornly stayed.


"You know, you don't have to call us with a problem every time we're in town," Mom said.

"I just need you to help me push the car out of the road!" I insisted.

In the end, I did need more than that. Mom and I had to commit minor insurance fraud to get AAA to come give me a tow. Turns out I've already surpassed my allowance for the year. Even on my upgraded gold membership. Apparently even "unlimited towing" comes with a limit.

I can already hear the Regulars at work tomorrow. "VICKY! What's your car doin' back over at the Sunoco??"

Oh, Regulars. Didn't you know? Sunoco is my car's home away from home. With the rest of the town on Christmas break, that darn car decided it too needed a vacation.

Let's just hope this quick break doesn't also break the bank.

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