Saturday, March 6, 2010

Can I git yo' DiGItS!?

Now that I'm "Bridget Burns, the writer" I figured I should get some business cards. You know, to promote myself, maybe get some new assignments, and encourage people to send me story ideas.

Plus, they're a really easy way to noncommittally give my phone number to cute boys.

The front is the same as the heading on this blog. Which by the way, is a photo of the barn I live in. And the house that was once attached to it, before it burned down.

The back lists my mad writing skills. Articles, Short Stories, Blog Entries, Novels, E-Mails, Speeches, Press Releases, Twitter Updates, and Love Letters.

And then there's my phone number and email address.

Pretty cute, right?

Please excuse the bloody band-aid included in the photograph. My other line of work involves knives, sharp corners, and other hazards, not good for people like me who can't even walk through a doorway without crashing into the frame.

I'm fine, by the way. Just a little lightheaded from blood loss.

Call me! *wink*

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