Friday, March 12, 2010


I kind of have some incredibly exciting news.

I wrote the front page story in this week's edition of the Coast Star.


I remember the excitement that came with seeing my first Coast Star byline like it was yesterday. Which is probably because it was only four months ago.

The excitement grew the first time my name appeared on the front page of the Living Section.

The first time my byline appeared "above the fold" I nearly lost it.

And then this week, after a lot of hard work and rewrites, I made the front page.

The FRONT PAGE, y'all!

Here's a (classy macbook mirror-image) close-up of my byline to prove it:

So go pick up a copy already!

Not only could this be worth money some day (ha! ...haha!), but the story is definitely worth reading. It's all about how the Kennebunkport Historical Society may have to sell off some of their artifacts due to increasing operational costs and dwindling membership. As a girl who lives in a historical building in Kennebunkport, I found this totally unsettling, and will be joining the society myself, asap. You should, too! I say that here, because I could not say that in my story. You know, because I finally managed to write an unbiased news piece.

Which is exactly how I made the FRONT PAGE.

Who wants to take me out to celebrate?

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