Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Uncle Billy

My Uncle Billy is in town and I am so excited. Did you know that I judge people entirely on their ability to tell a good story? Well, I do. And as storytellers go, Uncle Billy is TOPS.

Tonight we went out for dinner and Billy and I both got seafood. Me, because I never see a reason NOT to get seafood, and Billy because, hey! It's Maine! Let's get some seafood!

I went with fish and chips, while Billy went with fried clams.

"I haven't had fried clam bellies in five years!" he exclaimed.

Luckily they lived up.

"Man, these are good. Remember when we would get these down at the Connecticut shore? And they'd be all mushy? And have sand in them? And sometimes parts of cars? Like a piece of a key? Or maybe a syringe? Like, hey! [picks at tooth] What is that? Oh. A needle."

No needles tonight, kids.

They should put that testimonial on the menu!

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