Thursday, September 16, 2010


Turn and face the strain, ch-ch-changes!

No, I am not referring to some future David Bowie tribute at karaoke night. Nor am I referring to this most wonderful season of fall.

I am referring to this page! The one you're on right now. Take a good look around, kids. Things done gone and got all kinds of spruced up.

Cute, right?

My "non-traditional student" friend Amanda likes to tell people that her major at the University of Southern Maine is "not sucking at life". Taking some inspiration from her blunt way of putting things, I decided that right now is as good a time as any to get my own butt in gear, life-not-sucking wise.

And so, welcome, to an old blog with a new facelift, both visual, and in content.

While, for the past year, this space has served a productive purpose in showcasing links to my news articles, it has seriously lacked in creativity. Realizing that a writer, like any artist, needs a venue, I've decided to repurpose this blog as a place to showcase my projects. I will still post links as I am published, but I am also resolved to make a greater effort to write. Purely for the sake of writing.

Ha! Hahahahaha! Oh, man I almost believed myself there.

Always the multi-tasker, I admit that I will not actually be writing purely for the sake of writing. I will be writing as a way of motivating myself through other life-not-sucking projects about to get underway.

That's right, kids. Join me as I remake my wardrobe with help of fashionista friend Mariah. Come along for the ride as I finish building my in-home dance studio. Live the day-to-day life of the roommate of a Manimal. Watch as I recruit builder, electrician, and plumber friends to remake this barn into a rentable property.

I probably should have titled the blog So You Think You Can-Wear-Property-Wars. A crazy mash up of the best of prime time HGTV, TLC, and... well... Fox.

Instead I titled it The Small Town Adventures of Vicky Fajita. Because this is the epitome of a small town. I have what one could call... adventures. And to the shock and horror of my mother and father, the townies continue to call me Vicky.

Oh, look out you rock n rollers

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