Sunday, September 26, 2010

Income Barn.

I don't know if any of you have ever watched "Income Property" but it, along with just about every other show on HGTV, is one of my favorite programs. If you ever see a curly-haired girl sneaking into a near-vacant beach property armed with a bag full of snacks, don't worry. It's just me breaking into Mom and Dad's place to watch endless hours of home improvement shows.

Man, I need my own cable.


The show has inspired me to work on my own home, with the ultimate goal of being able to rent it out. We live in a summer community, which means year-round residents like myself have the unique option of leaving our own homes for a few months of the year, in exchange for a pretty healthy chunk of change. Mom says she likes every part of this plan except for the inevitable truth where I move in with them. I guess I'll have to explore some other options.

Unfortunately, right now I don't so much have an "Income Property" as I have a "Money-Sucking-Soul-Crushing-Barn".

So there is some work to be done.

I am excited to announce that the work begins TODAY. Although "work" is a relative term as all that is happening today is the arrival of a new dishwasher. "New" is also a relative term, as the dishwasher is actually the one that was in Mom and Dad's beach house when they bought it back in 1994.

Still, a functioning dishwasher is better than the one I have now. Because as convinced as I may be that my existing dishwasher will heal itself after just two more months rest, Uncle Bud likes to remind me that when the issue is not filling with water, and the appliance includes a heating element, my self-healing philosophies need to be set aside.

And now, in a celebration of irony, I will excuse myself to go wash the existing pile of dishes so everything is clean for the arrival of my new appliance.

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