Thursday, October 7, 2010


Last week I had the opportunity to interview the director of an upcoming community production of 'Godspell', which somehow lead to me watching an hour and a half of a dress rehearsal for the performance. I had never seen the show before... yet quickly realized that I knew all the music. Do the rest of you have parents who played Broadway musicals on vinyl throughout your childhood?

Anyway. I wrote a preview of the show for the Coast Star and tried to have a little fun in the process. Check it out!

Holy Entertainment!: It takes a community to produce this 'Godspell' - 10/7/10

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  1. Only one - I've never seen Les Misérables, but I know every word of the soundtrack from the tape they owned growing up. That tape, coincidentally, now lives in my car for when I need to induce embarrassment, stay awake, or impress girls.