Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby, I'm a firework!

Dear Kennebunkport,

The Board of Selectmen will be hosting a Public Forum this Thursday Dec. 8, 7 PM at the Village Fire Station to discuss possible town regulation and ordinance as it pertains to the legalization of sale and use of consumer fireworks here in the state of Maine.

If you are strongly in favor of adding some pyrotechnics to next summer's parties, you may want to be there. If you are opposed to your crazy neighbors doing just that, you also may want to be there.

And please feel free to fill me in on what happens! I'll be heading up to Portland to teach a dance class and unable to attend.

Remember, this meeting is merely a place to voice opinions. The town has not proposed any restrictions or prohibition at this time.

Official notice of the Public Forum can be found here.



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