Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Tipping

Today is trash day in Kennebunkport and it is entirely possible that some of you all are totally on top of your holiday tipping, making this message a few hours too late. But for those of you more like me - those that still struggle with how exactly you tip a garbageman who arrives after you leave for work, without actually leaving his tip IN the garbage - you might be interested in this bit of guidance.

According to an announcement on the town site, residents are advised to not give any booze to the Oceanside Rubbish employees. Apparently it is illegal for the drivers to have it in their vehicles, even if unopened.

No word on if this rule also applies to our Rural Route Carriers... but I always steer away from giving alcohol to near-strangers anyway. What if they're sober?

So I'm thinking, maybe an Alisson's gift card?

Tell me, what do you all give to your mail lady, yard boy, trash men, etc.? Follow up question, with no snow to date... do I still tip my plow guy? A preemptive thank you?

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